Hammer mill ZHM-Quadro

First Choice for the Shavings and Chipboard Production Industries

Hammer mill ZHM

The ZENO Hammer Mill of the ZHM-Quadro series excels in shredding pre-broken recycling wood, in processing recycling chips, in the disintegration of chips, in the production of middle-layer chips as well as the post-shredding of various materials.

The chips produced by the hammer mill are much in demand as fuel and industrial chip in the chipping industry as in shredding all metals are exposed and the chips are very uniform. Due to the design of the quadruple-use tool systems (pat.) a ZENO Hammer Mill is very economic in operation under less tooling cost than competing systems.

Also, this series of hammer mills offers counter-knives adjustment from the outside, hydraulic safety switching on the occurrence of foreign material and due to its symmetric design it is operated in alternating rotation. By this mode of operation both edges of the tools can be used without having to turn them. When the tools are worn out in their original position on the inner fly circle they can be mounted on the outer fly circle of the rotor and see their third and forth operation cycle.

In combination with the hydraulic lid opening and the hydraulically armed-out screen drawers this guarantees a very high operational availability at low tooling costs.

We supply ZENO Hammer Mills with the following intake dimensions and drive variants:

  • 1.000 mm x 800 mm up to 2.500 mm x 800 mm
  • 90 kW up to 400 kW