Bag Opening & Dosing Unit ZSA

For the fully automatic opening and dosing of garbage sacks

The bag opening and dosing unit ZSA for the automatic opening and dosing of valve sacks, garbage bags and sack-in-sack fractions consists of a bunker with a chain conveyor at its bottom. This conveyor transports the bulk material towards the dosing drum and the opener above. The dosing drum is equipped with axially movable drawing nails, which transport the bags upwards and at the same time prevents winding or wrapping of long, flexible materials, such as tapes etc.

Above the dosing drum, there are hydraulically pre-tensioned opening fingers which rip the incoming sacks and draw aside in case of bigger foreign objects to protect the machine from damages. When the opening fingers are swung out, respectively as a model without the opening unit the ZSA can be used solely as a dosing unit.

Features & advantages of the bag opening and dosing unit ZSA

  • Bunker with chain conveyor, size depending on requirements
  • dosing drum with axially movable pins transports bags upwards to the opening unit and prevents wrapping of tapes etc.
  • hydraulically pre-tensioned opening fingers draw aside when big extraneous objects appear
  • drive of the conveyor controlled by frequency converter
  • working width from 1,000 up to 2,000 mm
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