Cutting Mill ZSM

For the fine cutting of plastics

The cutting mill ZSM was developed for companies that want to efficiently recycle and regranulate plastics. The core of the symmetrically built machine is a rotor with cutter bars which is perfectly suitable for the secondary shredding of plastics, especially film. The cutting mill runs alternating in both directions of rotation. Two stator knives that can be adjusted to compensate the tool wear ensure a good comminution.

Due to the particular cutting geometry, the inactive side of the cutter bars is being re-sharpened during the operation – a time and money saving features, since there is no need to remove and re-sharpen the cutters manually. The two hydraulically pre-tensioned stator knife bars are each equipped with two stator knives. They are automatically moved into the rotor flight circle depending on the direction of rotation. If the pre-defined torque is exceeded because of a foreign object, the stator knife bars will draw aside and protect the cutting tools from damages.

Features & advantages of the cutting mill ZSM

  • symmetric construction enables operation in both directions of rotation
  • 4 hydraulically pre-tensioned, adjustable stator knives with swing-out device, 2 operating at one time in each direction of rotation
  • no need for manual re-sharpening
  • hydraulic pre-tensioned screens protect the machine against extraneous materials
  • hydraulic screen drawers with big screen surface for high throughput and fast-and-easy cleaning and exchange
  • hydraulic hood opening
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