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Mechanical Size Reduction
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Technical Centre

At our company headquarters in the Westerwald, we operate our own technical centre where we are able to demonstrate the sorting, crushing and recycling of valuable material and do test shreddings under realistic conditions.

Different machine types are available to carry out the test runs with your own material. Different settings and setups, e.g. screens with different perforations enable us to exactly achieve the desired specifications.

In this way, we offer you the possibility to precisely determine your needs, select the appropriate machine types and services, and identify and resolve possible bottlenecks or conceptual weaknesses before the realization.

The material processed in the test run can subsequently be tested by you in further process steps in order to ensure the best possible usability. This ensures that you get exactly the machine or system you need.

We would like to advise you and give you an insight into the ZENO disposal concepts and machines. Contact us today to arrange a visit.

ZENO Technikum
ZENO Technikum
ZENO Technikum
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