Granulator ZNZGV

For the secondary shredding of materials, such as film, hard and soft plastics

The granulator ZNZGV is suitable for the secondary comminution of plastics. It is equipped with a closed rotor which has 8 to 12 cutting blades and two mechanically adjustable stator knives. As a result of the closed rotor design, even at high speed only little air turbulences are produced in the machine. Therefore, the energy efficiency is increased. The fixation of the rotor blades by centrifugal wedges enables a fast dismounting and mounting of the knives in order to sharpen or replace them. Thus, the operational availability of the machine is increased.

The feed is regulated by a load-dependent controlled screw conveyor. Hereby, a constantly high capacity utilization is ensured, current peaks are avoided.

Features & advantages of the granulator ZNZGV

  • rotor with blades that cut the material on two stator knives
  • closed rotor design for little air turbulences
  • mechanically adjustable stator knives for longer tool life
  • easily accessible machine housing and hydraulically hinged hood for easy access, high availability and low maintenance costs
  • load-dependent feed by a bunker with screw conveyor ensures high utilization and avoids current peaks


Rotor Ø [mm] A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm] E [mm]
700 1.200 1.900 800 2.400 1.400
700 1.200 1.900 1.000 2.400 1.600
1.000 1.550 2.450 800 2.400 1.550
1.000 1.550 2.450 1.000 2.400 1.750
1.000 1.550 2.450 1.200 2.900 1.900
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