Rotor Shear ZRS

Double-shaft shredder for bulky materials

The cutting unit of the rotor shear ZRS consists of a stable machine frame and two counter-rotating cutting rotors. These rotors are turning at low speed. Therefore, the fed material is well pulled into the machine and cut into pieces.

The tool holders on both rotors all are built equally. They can be equipped with cutting tools or cover bars, so the cutting geometry is customizable. The cutters and cover bars are bolted onto the rotor. Thus, it is not necessary to dismount the whole rotor shaft to replace the tools. Long downtimes and losses of production are avoided.

Features & advantages of the rotor shear ZRS

  • cutting unit with two slow running, counter-rotating rotors
  • holders on the rotors can be equipped with cutters or cover bars depending on the customer’s requirements
  • bolted tools enable replacement without dismounting the rotor

Technical data

Infeed height: up to max. 500 mm
Infeed width: 800 - 2.200 mm
Throughput: ca. 5 - 15 rm/h
Cutting length: 60 mm / stripes up to 300 mm
Rotor diameter: 650 mm
Drive power: 2 x 15 kW up to 2 x 37 kW
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