Air Classifier ZWS

For the separation of materials with different specific weights

The air classifier ZWS is used for the separation of materials with different specific weights. As a result, the input material is separated into a heavy and a lightweight fraction.

The material is fed to the separation zone of the air classifier by an integrated conveyor belt and divided into two fractions by the means of a controllable air stream. The light fraction is guided over an apex roller with a calming chamber and discharged by a downstream conveyor system. The heavy fraction purified from light substances is removed through a separate outlet.

Due to the closed design of the air classifier as well as the circulation of the exhaust air stream, no dust emissions are generated. This machine is used in the processing of shredder lightweight fraction, municipal solid waste, commercial waste and RDF.

The air classifier ZWS in its standard configuration is available with a suction output of 6,000 – 17,000 m³/h and drive power from 7,5 – 30 kW.

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