Trough Chain Conveyor ZTKF

For the transport of bulk goods in a closed trough

The trough chain conveyor ZTKF consists of an extremely robust construction, which is offered in various designs depending on the application. The charging and discharge of the transported good is possible at any point, the transport is done in the bottom or upper strand. Low-maintenance, low-wear conveyor chains with steel, plywood or plastic carriers are used. The tensioning shaft is adjustable and spring loaded. The conveyor is either driven directly by means of a geared motor or by means of a chain reduction gear.

The chain guides are screwed from the outside, so that the guides can be changed quickly. Likewise, the design with split chain wheels is used for rapid change without the need for removal of the shaft.

The ZTKF trough chain conveyor can be used for nearly all types of construction and conveyor lines: from the straight conveying horizontal ZTKF to ascending conveyors with one or more bends up to vertically conveying ZTKF in S-shape or C-shape.

Features & advantages of the trough chain conveyor ZTKF

  • trough chain conveyor in various designs for almost any application
  • steep conveying up to 90° possible
  • low-wear chain with steel, plywood or plastic carriers
  • chain guides bolted from the outside and split chain wheels for fast replacement
  • trough width from 200 – 1,400 mm
  • length up to 50 m
  • conveying capacity up to 500 m³/h
  • optional with magnetic drum for the separation of ferromagnetic metals
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