Disc Separator ZSS

For the size separation of various materials

The disc separator ZSS was developed for the size classification of commercial mixed waste, demolition waste, wood chips, plastic chips and RDF. It is characterized by its solid construction with low-wear hardox steel in the working area. The large minimum diameter of the disc shafts effectively prevents the winding and wrapping of tapes etc. The result is a very good self-cleaning effect – scrapers or other cleaners are not necessary. The surface efficiency of the disc separator is clearly higher compared to a drum screen.

Drive transmission is realized by triplex high performance chains. The shafts are pivoted in pedestal bearings with housings made of steel which are insusceptible to extraneous objects on the disc screen. Bolted side coverings make the dismounting of single or all shafts easier and maintenance works faster. Cover hoods with maintenance doors and air suction connectors are available on option.

Features & advantages of the disc separator ZSS

  • disc carpet is designed individual for customer’s requirements
  • large shaft diameter prevents wrapping effectively without additional cleaners
  • low-wear mechanism through used hardox in the working area
  • high throughput and surface efficiency
  • variable speed
  • available with cover hood with maintenance doors and machine base with catwalk

Dimensions (standard design)

Working width Length from up to
600 mm 1.000 mm 6.000 mm
800 mm 1.500 mm 6.500 mm
1.000 mm 2.000 mm 7.000 mm
1.200 mm 2.500 mm 7.500 mm
1.400 mm 3.000 mm 8.000 mm
1.600 mm 3.500 mm 8.500 mm
1.800 mm 4.000 mm 9.000 mm
2.000 mm 5.000 mm 9.500 mm
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