Silo installations with system

We offer a wide range of silos, bins, bunkers and equipment for the warehousing, storage and transport of bulky goods and also supply the complete steel substructure for warehouse including installation on site.

For this purpose, we design and manufacture complete conveying systems for loading and unloading of silos, bunkers and storage.

You will buy a reliable, low maintenance system solution.

In addition to the standard types we manufacture facilities customized to the needs.

Our constructing engineers and technicians have a wealth of experience and can advise on individual tasks.

  • ZENO Chain dosing bunker type ZKDB
  • ZENO Vibrating dosing unit type ZVD
  • ZENO Silo type ZS
  • ZENO Walking floor type ZSBB
  • ZENO Hall engineering
  • ZENO Precast-Concrete-Block

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