We produce fully-automated sorting equipment for the treatment of

  • Industrial waste
  • Domestic waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Film
  • plastics from collection of the DSD (Duales System Germany)

  • Sorting belt conveyor type ZSB
  • Drum screen type ZTS
  • Disc screen type ZSS
  • Rotational screen type ZPS
  • Sorting cabine type ZSH
  • Wind sifter type ZWS
  • Radial ventilator type ZRV
  • Filter type ZF
  • Cyclone type ZZ
  • Light fraction / air separator type ZLA
  • Overbelt magnetic separator type ZÜM
  • Metal detector type ZMSA
  • Magnetic separator type ZMA
  • Permanent magnetic plate
  • Magnetic drum type ZMT
  • Non-ferrous metal separator type ZNE
  • Card-paper-Sort type ZCPS
  • Plastics washing plant
  • Drum dryer
  • Swim sink sifter

Gallery: Sorting technology

sorting plant
magnetic drum
lightweight separator ZZR
sorting line
metal deposition
wind sifter ZWS