Single rotor shredder ZEZ

The ZENO Single-Rotor Shredder ZEZ is optimally suited for shredding of the most different materials. It can be used with various screen or tool sets for pre- or post-shredding especially in substitute fuel processing.

By the skilfully arranged cutting gap adjustment and its hydraulic discharge of foreign material the ZEZ shreds most difficult material such as mattresses, big bags and tyres. We guarantee highest operational availability.

In this series of machines typical ZENO features e.g. full steel rotor, gas-welded machine rack, steel flange bearing housing and hydraulic servicing features have been implemented. Compact design, low-noise running, low power demand and high through-put are its main characteristics.

We supply the ZENO Single-Rotor Shredder in two series with cutting inserts bolted on tool holders and a hydraulic discharge of foreign material:

  • Working width: 1.200 x 1.000 up to 3.500 x 1.700 mm
  • Power: 90 up to 400 kW

ZENO single rotor shredder:

Single rotor shredder ZEZ
RDF processing with the single rotor shredder
Shredding of commercial mixed waste