Double rotor pre-shredder ZDV

The optional stationary or mobile pre-shredder for wood and bulky waste

The compact ZENO double rotor pre-shredder type ZDV is distinguished by a low power demand and at the same time a high throughput and low-noise running. The two counter-revolving rotors made from full steel are offered with various tool systems. These are massive, force-fit connected shredding tools for double use or cutting inserts, force-fit-inserted on tool holders. The double-rotor system ensures an optimal throughput performance with scrap wood, bulky refuse and similar material.

By the different rotation speed of rotors of the slow-running shredding system a very effective decomposition of foreign material (e.g. any metal) is achieved enabling a better ferrous/non-ferrous and heavy material separation.

We supply the ZENO Double Rotor Pre-shredder alternatively for stationary installation, in semi-mobile execution on a container basic frame (alternatively hydraulic or electrical) as well as mobile on a trailer.

For individual dimensions and engineering we are always at your disposal.

The primary shredder ZDV at work:

Mobile primary shredder ZDV
Primary shredder ZDV for waste wood shredding
Shredder for fresh wood
Pre-shredder ZDV shredding wood
Mobile ZDV built up with crane
Shredder for bulky waste