ZENO conveying systems- Ideal completion to your ZENO machine

For charging and feeding of our ZENO products we also offer matching silo and conveying systems.

Starting from the discharge of the original material over cleaning, pre-shredding, feeding to final silo storage you can have the entire infrastructure for your operation from ZENO.

Challenge us by your requirements, we make the right links.

  • ZENO Belt conveyor type ZFB
  • ZENO Plate conveyor type ZPFB
  • ZENO Chain belt conveyor type ZKFB
  • ZENO Sorting conveyor type ZSB
  • ZENO Moulded conveyor belt type ZMFB
  • ZENO Vibrating conveyor type ZVR
  • ZENO Screw conveyor type ZFS
  • ZENO Trough chain conveyor type ZTKF
  • ZENO Elevator type ZZE
  • ZENO Walking floor type ZSB
  • ZENO Discharge device type ZAV


Gallery: Conveying technology

through chain conveyor ZTKF
screw conveyor ZFS
chain belt conveyor ZKFB
vibrating conveyor ZVR
belt conveyor ZFB
leightweight fraction suction
belt conveyor drive
sorting and conveying plant
chain belt conveyors ZKFB