Wednesday, 12. November 2014

ZENO Disk-Shredder: Cutting-edge in IT-Recycling

Nowadays hard disks and their safe processing play a major role in recycling. The ZENO – Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau Norken GmbH has accepted this challenge and now offers the „Disk-Shredder ZTLL 600x800“.

ZENO Disk-Shredder ZTLL 600x800

The future: the disk-shredder

We do not only promise it - we have the solution: The Disk-Shredder ZTLL 600x800, equiped with complementary components for shredding hard disks according to hightest privacy policies.

This completely new developed model was certified by an independent auditor and shreds  hard disks according to Security Class H-5.

The high performance tools shred up to approx. 800 kg/h and can be reused 4 times due to the well-proven specially hardened Zeno quality.

In addition the technically convincing counter-knife adjustment system assures the constant quality of the product.

Another feature is the mobile construction of the Disk-Shredder which allows the customer an efficient operation on-site.

With correspondent ZENO conveying technologies the feeding and discharge of the Disk-Shredder is easily attachable.