Welcome to ZENO

Producer of waste treatment plants, sorting plants and recycling facilities.

Welcome to ZENO – Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau Norken GmbH with more than 35 years company history - a highly efficient company with modern production sites and a practice-oriented manufacturing program.

As a successful producer of waste processing plants, recycling plants and waste treatment facilities, DSD sorting plants and RDF processing, our awareness of ecology and economy grows continuously. The current product program reflects clearly the future-oriented environmental and this benefits our customers from Recycling, Disposal and Alternative Energy.  No matter if plastics, metals, bulky refuse or domestic waste. We know our ways with waste material of any kind and offer specialized systems and tools from our own production for Recycling plants.

Our engineers develop and plan customized solutions keeping an eye to economics and ecology.

"The KNOW HOW of the ZENO GmbH is not for sale - Only ZENO customers get it for free"

ZENO factory at Norken
exhibition centre and technicum
ZENO truck fleet